Saturday, November 9, 2019

edelmetallmesse 2019

this year's gold, silver and natural resources show / convention in munich is over ... let's look foward to 2020 :-)

as every year, there were many familiar faces, gold bugs, libertarians, conspiracy theorists, friends, bullion dealers so all the folks could buy physical gold + silver, analysts, fund managers, mining companies, newsletter writers, book sellers, speakers & co.

the following picture represents the financial markets at least since 2008 so well, if you asked me 😄
the central banks and especially the FED decide in which direction are the markets heading, isn't it? but probably not for ever ~ by markus blaschzok (blaschzok research, solit)

i've listened to many lectures on both days of this convention, my favorites were markus miller, markus blaschzok, gianni kovacevic, frank hellmeyer and peter denk.

so let show you few pictures and write my insights in between 😏
 the crowd waiting for the MVG public transportation museum to open its doors
 friedrich & weik, the crash prophets
 is the brexit good for great britain in the long run? (friedrich lange, oxford club)
with christine lagarde as head of ECB stays the zero interest rate and the financial manipulation on the agenda 
i have few shares of  the canadian penny stock explorer megastar, but the only reason to show you this picture is because i like it ...
 one of the many bullion dealers philoro out there
 gianni kovacevic (on the left) from copperbank resources spoke mainly about the huge need for copper in the future because of highly increased needs in automotive and energy sector
a really good presentation delivered markus miller who spoke not only about markets but also about changes in our society like health issues, masses of refugees, ...
the blockchain technology is independent from a central authority and ensures the answer to the question: what happened and what not? but this alone is probably not the reason for the success of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, is it? 
education is your best investment.
quality of live is the highest yield you can achieve. 
i will probably tell santa claus to bring me markus miller's new book for christmas☺
donald trump was covered by many speakers, here by folker hellmeyer
the future lies in the east ...
i'm happy to talk every year with jack stoch in munich. he is the CEO of globex minig, one of my many, many junior mining stocks in my portfolio. well, globex and the whole resources sector should skyrocket soon or i will get crazy after now almost 8 years of bear market ...
there is some arts in the MVG museum too
dr. eike hamer
my coffee break 
in gold we trust, ronald-peter stöferle (incrementum)
peter denk about donald trump, deep state, mainstream media, ...
is this negative coverage in the media the reason that trumps prefers to speak directly to the people via twitter? 😎
at least trump deescalated the situation with noth korea, ukrainesyria, ...
... and till now he also did not attack iran, no matter what all the war mongers tried (what a great picture by ben garrison!)
jeffrey epstein ...
markus blaschzok (blaschzok research, solit) had really interesting views on the markets and yes, i will think whether to subscribe for his markets reviews and start trading again. this time probably with more success than till now 😃😃😃
the FED gave the signal for the current gold rally on january 30th, 2019 according to markus
the interest rate during gold standard 1870-1918 was constantly about 4% 
there are few more gold conventions out there. wow, the swiss historian daniele ganser will also speak in wiesbaden
thorsten schulte aka silberjunge
the fair is over ...
more pictures here.
last year's event here.

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